Friday, October 30, 2009

Life... in motion

Lucas started his new job officially on Monday. They worked him hard all week and he will be on his way home soon today for a much needed weekend to catch his breath and get his bearings. The new company seems to be sorta like going from levis to a private designer label jeans. the fit is awesome... but completely different. For example, before they worked two weeks shifts with a three day break, everyone staggered out in different directions. There were five engineers under a manager. Here there are three engineers, and one of them is the manager. They work a five day work weeks and take weekends "off"... "off " meaning Sundays might be spent writing job proposals, and saturday mornings might be finishing Fridays work, but typically Friday night Lucas will get to come home and stay until Monday morning! Now the five days will be long and hard and unplannable, but to be able to atempt to make plans for each weekend is awesome! In this industry thats a feat! Also, the majority of his jobs will be close to home which lowers travel time, which increases home time. So all in all everything is going well! I have quite a to do list for myself. I need to get Ayden enrolled in his new school, get all my utilities set up and find out if my stuff in storage in shreveport got destroyed by the flooding this week or not. I need to reserve a uhaul... a big giant expensive one, and possibly open up a new bank account because we had to go with a LA bank while we were there and would like to get back to a normal, nationwide one soon. My brain is also going 100 miles an hour daydreaming about where to put my (hopefully not water logged) furniture in our NEW HOUSE. Its actually not new, and not really mine because were renting.. but we signed an 18 month lease so I get to claim it for a while! It has an incredble backyard for a patio home... lots of decks, some lawn and a lime tree... and chilli pepper and jalepeno plants just for fun. It has a great layout with the living room on the opposite side of the house from the bedrooms and a giant kitchen area. It has a few flaws because it was once PRIME real estate.. in 1985. Flaws as in this: my new bathtub.

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