Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This weeks list of Not Me! moments.

I most certainly did not get angry at my husband for playing games on facebook that I introduced him to and convinced him that he "just had to try them". I did not serve my entire family lunch on paper towels because the thought of making another seven plates dirty made me feel naseus. At that same lunch I also did not cut up a few apples, grab the kids chip containers for their school lunches and call the meal complete. Nope. I always serve yummy well rounded healthy meals. Especially when serving my parents. I have not spent countless hours staring at a map praying that I get to move. anywhere. on it. And the biggest thing I did not do this week was walk around complaining that my mothers house smells like fish... only to realize that the smell came from where I absolutely did not spill a bottle of liquid doggie vitamins.. fish oils to be more exact. Nope. The horrendous embarasing stink did not come from my bedroom. Never. I always smell fresh and clean. Like a daisy.


  1. I get upset @ DH for doing the same thing!

    We were at Nasa a few months ago, that Play structure is INSANITY. I can't imagine how scared you must have been! Thank goodness he was ok! Little ones are so fast!

  2. Thank YOU for letting me know that our story helped you a bit! You know how in "You've Got Mail" Meg Ryan's character wonders what kind of difference she's making, if what she does is important? I feel that way about blogging. "Does this really mean anything to anyone but me?"

    We couldn't be anywhere w/o His grace... it was SO HARD in the midst of it, and I failed daily. I felt so hopeless and desperate. I completely understand how you feel. I know there is another side to it though, and I will be praying that that comes quickly for your family! Have you guys heard of Apartment Life before? I'm pretty sure they're in Houston (is that where you are?)... it's a free (basically) apartment, but you and hubby become like "event co-ordinators" for the complex, w/ the "alterior" motive being to share the gospel. It's a good program for people in times of need, and a great way to serve! If you want more info, let me know!