Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to lose your child at Nasa

1. Get three capable adults, separate them.

2. Place three children on a giant indoor playground.

3. Send one parent to the bathroom and don't tell everyone.

4. Stand on side of play structure "for a better view" instead of in front of one of five exits.

5. Get stuck in a crowd going the opposite direction when two year old heads towards entrance to the ball pit.

6. Assume two year old started climbing the play structure with the millions of other children instead of going right out the door probably under your very own feet.

7. Waste time climbing said play structure instead of immediately turning around and notifying security.

How to find your child: alert your husband who is much more clearly gifted in the "how to handle a crisis" arena.

We had a blast at NASA until this happened. And it happened so. fast. We got to NASA right before they opened, walked onto a tram to the tour of the historic mission control. While waiting in the lobby of mission control Desi was complaining that it was boring and Ayden corrected her kindly saying "actually its quite interesting." Then we went though an exhibit where they take you into a dark room with big movie screens and a fog machine and make you feel like you are "experiencing" a shuttle launch. Then they take you into an auditorium and tell you about the current missions going on in space and the astronauts up there right now. Then we ate. then we waited in line fr an hour so the kids could cross an indiana jones rope course. It was challenging, but Desi and Lucas finished the entire course. Ayden finally reached a point where it was simply too big for him. Then we went through some more exhibits. finally we let the kids play on the giant play structure which is enclosed in black netting making it difficult to see through. On the ground level is a bsll room for little guys. They can go in and put balls into machines tha hen spit the balls out or take them to the very top where they randomly fall down into it. I sat the kids down before we got started and showed them our "meeting place" where we would meet if we got separated, or if they came out and couldn't find us. We let the big ones go up and play and I stood on the side to watch Balin play in the balls. I stayed on the side because from there i could see him better.. and touch him through the net. He was playing fine for about five minutes, then turned and headed to the entrance. I called him back and he played some more and then turned and headed back again. When I realized he was heading to the door and was not interested in stopping I immediately headed that direction. The side walkways around the structure are narrow and as I headed to him I was cut off by a swarm of people. By the time I got to the door he was gone. My dad saw another little toe headed boy (who we kept spotting until we finally Balin) going up the climbing area so we assumed Balin was going up with the bigger kids. I sent Desi and ayden up after him and myself climbed the stairs to find him, but I couldnt. Neither could they. I went back down and Dad still didn't see him either. Lucas came up, and told me he had been in the restroom which I was unaware of... he immediately went into action. He notified the front desk by the door and gave them a description. meanwhile I as still circling the play structure, going up and down the steps determined to find him. When my stomach finally dropped to my knees and i accepted that he was gone and I needed to do something I heard Lucas calling from below. He had Balin. Thats when I started to tear up, and when I got to them and Lucas said security had him in a gift shop I lost it. I lost my baby.. and did nothing effective to find him. At NASA. A Major attraction in a major city. All I could do was circle a playground and send my six year old to do my job. I'm still struggling with this. Its hard to forgive yourself for causing a near disaster. a Life ending disaster. My husband was my hero though and brought me back my baby safe and sound. Terrified and sobbing and shoeless, but safe. Here are some happy pictures from the day... before I fell into the category of "those moms"... you know... "those moms' who lose their children in public places.

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  1. i would have been terrified! and really I would think that other moms would not look at you like your one of "those moms", i know i wouldn't i didn't know how non stop a little boy could be until i had one and my oh my it is non stop! glad the rest of the time was fun though!!