Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I know something!!

Lucas got a call back for an engineering job in Williston, North Dakota. He interviwed over the phone yesterday and next week he will fly out on Wednesday for an inperson interview. North Dakota? Really? We have no idea if he will actually get the job, but everything so far is very promising. They are a Canadian privately held company that provides energy services. Much like what he was doing. Lucas would be hired into a training program similar to what he was in, and they say they will honor what he already studied! Great job with great opportunity.
The thing about North Dakota. Its really really cold there. And tiny towns. It would be a major stretch for me personally. We go from church shopping from hundreds of churches to church shopping from about 7.. I counted. I would have to choose from four public schools. (should we continue with public school... not something we've talked about). There are two.. count them.. two grocery stores. But there is a McDonalds and and Arby's so I guess we won't starve. North Dakota has been on our minds since last May. I'm not sure if I should note that as ironic of as providence. In May Lucas's then manager approached him and the other engineers with a lab tech position in Dickinson ND. No one else wanted it as it would have been a step down in pay... bu for some weird reason we were intrigued. Lucas contacted them and sent his resume but nothing came of it. Last month we made contact with the region manager for another position with that company that we thought was in Gillette WY. He said.. nope, no job there.. but hey, I have one open in (you guessed it ) Dickinson North Dakota. Lucas sent his resume, talked to the district manager and nothing came of it. That position was only an operator position.. a big step down, but we're willing to work for peanuts at this point. Lucas has sent resumes to 23 states and 12 countries, that we have record of. (lots of jobs are anonymously listed). I point that out to make it clear that we ourselves are not seeking North Dakota jobs, although we have been a bit heavy handed in hoping for a job in the rockies region so that someday we can get to Denver. I recently saw a claim on a website that North Dakota has the strongest job market in the country right now due to its high state surplus. I don't know if that's true but I do know that the doors and windows in our life keep opening to the cool breeze of the northern prairie. To top it off, Balin got into Desi's room the other day and took apart a wooden puzzle of all the states. He brought us one piece. North Dakota. right. So if Lucas gets turned down on this job I'll feel no different from all the other jobs he has been turned down on. A bit disappointed, but God is in control. If he does not get turned down.. well we saw it coming. Bring on the parkas. Anyone have snowsuits in a boys size 7 and 2?

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  1. north dakota! wow! i don't know how i'd feel about all the snow! lol!
    keep us posted, and i will keep my fingers crossed for good news!