Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mysterious Hot water and community ham

My parents HAVE power! Conroe school are canceled all week. My dad did have a friend come from out of state I believe who brought them a generator that is big enough to power a light and their fridge and occasionally the computer! They do have phones back and computer access when the generator is on! Somehow they have hot water, even though their water heater is electric... not sure how that happened and neither do they. Also the community is really pulling together.. helping eachother pull down trees and clean up the giant mess! Someone even offered up a now properly thawed Harry and David ham to share with everyone:-). It sounds like things are going well, all things conidered. Ayden had his second week of gymnastics and is loving it! He got to try the rings this week and the trampoline and last night told me his bum was sore:-).

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