Saturday, September 13, 2008

How long can you hold your breath?

My parents are currently in the middle of a gigantic hurricane. You might have heard something about it. Ike. They chose to stay in Conroe and now I cant get hold of them. I missed a call from my dad, but I am assuming they are reserving their cell phone power because their power must be out. They are not answering their home phone. I am worried. Lucas was called out to a job last night around 8:30. At about 10:00 he called me and said he would be returning home soon. At 11:30 he called and said he was on a new job... In southeast Bossier. Tornadoes have been reported in Alexandria, which is south of Shreveport/Bossier. Please pray for the safety of ALL of my family as we wait this out. Pray for my parents and little sister and my husband and his crew. I was reading Judges 5 this morning and a verse stuck out. It was the cry of the Israelites as they went into battle. "March on my soul with Courage." Our God is not a god of fear. Even in the old testament where God could often be seen as a conqueror or god of war, the reality is that he is a God of comfort. A God of protection. May his hand be on this storm and may his arms be around all who are in it.

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