Friday, September 12, 2008

my day.

Woke up with a nightmare. Realized I was twenty minutes into my alarm clock's snooze function. Drag a VERY cranky A out of bed. Picture day. Also parent teacher conference day. Struggle to keep A on track getting to school because he kept complaining about a stomach ache. Drag complaining A and two fussy one year olds into the school and have a five minute conference with a teacher who basically only tells me she doesn't know how to make my child listen. I refrain from telling her that's her job to figure it out and instead graciously offer some discipline suggestions.. like having a discipline system with consequences and frequent communication with us, his parents. (I know, novel idea apparently). I then watch my child slide to floor during the Pledge of Allegiance whereas the night before at back to school night he had yelled at the entire room to "BE QUIET WE'RE PLEDGING!. Realize something must be wrong and decide to wait for pictures to be over before deciding on A's attendance. A now near tears A reluctantly takes picture and returns home with a slight smirk. He spends the first ten minutes in the restroom which I hope will fix the problem. He then goes and lays down. I get the call that my two year old will be arriving soon. Hear crying from bedroom. find A with a perfectly arranged towel next to his bed puking. Thanks for being considerate with the towel kiddo. Run to find phone number of 2 year olds mother only to get the call that she has arrived. Make rash, possibly wrong decision to just go about our day as usual rather than make the mother of two tiny preemie twins drag a crying toddler all the way back across town.I then Baby gate off the back bedrooms and start disinfecting toys. ALL THIS while trying to get hold of my parents in Houston. HOPING to hear that they are on their way out of danger and for a nice visit, but no. They would rather face mother nature's wrath than visit a puking five year old and house full of toddlers. Not sure I don't blame them.

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