Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've made the change

Its official. I've switched entirely to cloth diapers! Yes. I am crazy. I'm actually really excited about it. I'm using Bumgenius 3.0 pocket diapers. They are one size fits all (adjustable) and you put a liner on the inside of a pocket. They have a waterproof outerlayer that keeps messes inside without having to use a separate cover. I did not even know these existed until recently! We are loving the bright colors and super soft inside. My only concerns are that I'm afraid they wont fit until he is potty trained. Also, he has a bit of a diaper rash, but that may be because I only had 6 and wasnt changing him fast enough. I need to break my disposable habits! I don't have to "stretch" the box anymore so I can get used to changing him quicker. I recieved my second order so now I have 13 diapers, enough for two days. They fit great now and we havent had too many problems with leaking. I don't even really mind the washing of dirty ones. Not my favorite experience, but considering that I won't have to buy disposables anymore its well worth the trouble! I'm using a plastic painters bucket with a snap tight lid as my diaper pail, and the "dry pail" method of storage. I can not use normal detergent either. Baby detergents are too weak and I can not use anything with additives or they loose their absorbency. I've started with Ecos brand free and clear. I may try All free and clear if I can find it. Another cool thing... the company that sells the diapers has a missionary grant program!! TOO COOL. They donate diapers to missionaries and even have a list of people they have sponsored. It was really easy to add a few dollars onto my order. I hope more people will find out about that program! What a specific need and awesome way to fill it!

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  1. When I'm ready to have kids, I'm coming to your house for a week to take lessons. You're so stinkin' smart and good at this stuff!