Thursday, March 20, 2014

Very special photos for a very special book

 Four years ago, the first time we lived in this little ole college town, we were members at a sweet little church (that's not so little anymore!) and were introduced to a music leader/photographer name Ryan Price. I instantly connected with his photography and grasp of light and human nature. When Silas was born I hoped to have him take our newborn pictures, but Lucas got his job in Victoria and our newborn days flew swiftly and photos were not taken by anyone but mama. In the meantime, I've stalked his website and instagram page, lamenting that I had never heard of him before my own wedding photos. {I've got plans for redeeming that by the way... see you in a year or two!} Anyways... While we were off in smallville Ryan adopted his own son and continued capturing incredible photos of some of our mutual friends who also adopted. Naturally, when we started planning our adoption and the need for some fresh and current family shots Ryan Price was the ONLY name that came to mind.  You see, these are more than just shots. The goal of this session was so much more than finding the perfect image to hang above the fireplace. These photos will be part of the most important "Hello" of our lives. Hopefully,  In the coming year, or possibly months, a scared but BRAVE mama will receive a stack of books put together by ourselves and other hopeful parents. She will use these books full of images and letters and information to begin a conversation, one that will end with her placing her baby in the arms of another mama. I am fully aware of the responsibility and importance that lies underneath the "pretty" of these pictures. READ: this is not a sales pitch. We are not marketing ourselves. These gorgeous shots will be layered in our book with many other not so gorgeous shots. But ultimately, I love what Ryan was able to capture, even with a three year old who acted LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD and threw a tantrum complete with tears for 90% of the session. These pictures somehow show US, maybe not the friday night after pizza floor covered in toys us, but definitely the US that words have trouble conveying. Here are a few of my favorites and how I hope she might see them... 

She will see that I'm a baker

but maybe she will taste the sweetness
She will see that we mess around

but maybe she'll know we never let each other fall

She will see that we like books

or maybe she will feel her daughter's story could be with us

She will see flowers

or maybe understand this husband loves his wife well

She will see a family that fits together

But maybe she will feel we have space for one more

 Thank you Ryan for sharing your gift with us. If you need a photographer locally or are planning a wedding and are willing to fly him out click the photo in the sidebar and check him out. Start with his blog. You wont regret it.


  1. just so ya know.......Smallville still loves you..... :-)

    1. and we will forever love smallville. Superman always went home you know...