Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Silas is our bravest son. Usually. He leaps from tables, climbs any object he can get his toes on and has been known to dive into deep waters. We constantly tell people "this is the one we have to watch." my sweet babe appears to have no fears at all, except one. Fire. We think it started when we took the boys to a hibachi grill last April. Everything was fine until the chef lit the grill on fire ( part of the show). While safe, the fire heats your face for a second. Silas may have been scared by the actual heat or the suddenness of it, but either way he is now terrified of heat, flame, smoke and even light bulbs. "hot, hot!!" he will yell. It was no surprise then that fireworks were not fun for this little firecracker. As soon as the first boom boomed he flew into our laps yelling "up"! For a minute I thought we were going to have to leave. He squeezed so tight into my shoulder. Eventually I was able to convince him to turn around, but even then he kept his lovie wadded up in front of his eyes. It took me covering his ears and holding him very tight for him to calm down. With each boom he relaxed a little, because he was safe in my arms. By the very end he was peeking out and actually watching. I can't help but think of God/spirit it/angel encounters in the bible. Every time the first words spoken to the person being visited are "Do not be afraid!" fear. I am convinced that the biggest obstacle most of us will ever need Grace to overcome is fear. Mainly fear based in control. We want desperately to believe that we are in control. That our world is a direct effect of our actions.

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