Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And all the mommies say "oopsie"

So today was a generally great day. A friend mentioned last night that today is national waffle day. So my husband, who is practicing being the opposite of harsh {thanks to a great sermon} woke up early and cooked so I could wake up to waffles. Then we had a friend come play so Silas was entertained for free. This afternoon I connected with my next Noonday hostess and was encouraged and reminded why I do what I do. Ayden had his first solo and ensemble competition, which did my music mama's heart good. But then  IT happened. The big ole moment. Balin, my sweet six year old,  came flying through the room on his tippy toes, Happy as a clam. He snuggled in for a hug and said this " I'm SO glad the adoption is happening this weekend!!!"  {cue the sound of screeching tires}. 
                      Say what? 
My darling one. My sensitive sweet boy who every. Single. Night. Prays for his future sister. Who every. Single. Sunday. Asks his class at church to pray for the adoption, has heard us talking about a trip this weekend to our agency and misunderstood our agency orientation as our actual placement. As I told him his error he wept. Big ole weepy tears. {with plenty of snot}. He was so sad that we would be going away and returning with NOBODY. Especially not a sweet somebody wrapped in pink. 
 So this mama of three homegrown who's expecting an import needs to know... HOW MUCH do you tell the kiddoes? I kinda feel my error here was in not telling him enough. He didn't understand and the reality is that even though we have pink shoes and a cradle and clothes are starting to find their way into "her" closet... This could be a long wait. And I have not adequately prepared his tender heart for that. I wonder if I've even prepared my own. Hopefully we will get through that wait together. 

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  1. As a mom who has 5 well past childhood.....just want you to know.....they learn from every move we make...the ones we do well, the ones we intend to do well, the ones we completely screw up, the ones we aren't even aware we are making, the ones we only think we thought about.

    BUT....because we serve a sovereign God, they learn SO SO SOOOOOOO much (from whatever has happened) when they find themselves "flying thru the room on their tippy toes, happy as a clam, SNUGGLED IN FOR A HUG".
    THAT was the part that stood out....when they have that 'safe spot'--they will learn well. So, you may not have all the answers, but you know that spot is open....keep huggin back. :-)
    LOVE you!