Thursday, November 22, 2012

Simply {Thankful}

I love today. I love that we a country take a day to celebrate the blessings that we have. I am thankful, despite the atrocities that soon followed, that the 40 pilgrims who demanded that the reformation be followed in its entirety gave a day so remarkably full of thanks that we still remember it today. Gratitude. Such a novel idea in our culture of greed. I am so especially thankful for these four people I get to spend everyday with. They are gifts. Beautiful amazing gifts.

My Man. geeze louise I love him.

The feast, complete with jesters

Balin loves cranberry sauce the most

Ayden cleared two plates

Silas was so excited he would not make eye contact. All he said was "oh MOM! YUM!"
We are now in a turkey stupor. I was pretty pleased with my first full turkey. I brined it using a combination of several recipes and then cooked it in a roaster oven. I pray that today you are celebrating as joyfully as we are. Try to ignore the shopping sales until tomorrow. Let today be a day of thanks. For we do have soooooo much.

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