Thursday, November 29, 2012

Simply {fair trade}

So yesterday I teased y'all with the promise of my shopping adventures into smarter, more thoughtful territory. I should be honest and make it clear I've made many purchases this week, but alas, few are fair or made in America. *note as of today I've discovered more made in America tags in my shopping bag than thought... ) I will however, tell you about some of the items I've purchased in the last several weeks and plan on shopping for in the future. Since I'm new to most of these companies I won't try to give you a big summary of their purpose, but instead will give you a link to the company and the specific product I have or plan to purchase. Lazy blogging I know, but I've been dealing with sick babies and my brain hurts. So here it is... want to come shopping with me? {If you REALLY want to go shopping with me there is another fair trade fair here this weekend at St. Marys. I'm going to sneak over in search of chocolate at the minimum for my guys stockings, let me know if you want to go with me!}

New to me:

I was introduced to this company at a fair trade fair a couple weekends ago. We found sooo many cute things. Ayden wanted some cute owls but decided on a wooden puzzle instead. Balin requested a mobile with little children hanging from it.  I found this sweet little terra cotta piggy bank. Balin has been asking for a piggy bank for a couple of years now, and this one is perfect. It has a great seal to keep the money inside and I love that it has a classic stone finish and not plastic. Santa will be bringing this little ham to wait under the tree... it just might get a little elf hat. We also bought chocolate from Serrv. So good.
Also new to me: Come Together Trading Company      
Some of my favorite products from that weekend came from this group. I bought myself this amazing cherry red scarf. I looked online tonight and this color is sold out, but the other colors were equally beautiful. What amazed me about this scarf is how soft it is. Soft enough that even Silas, my two year old muslin swaddle wrap addict LOVES it. He snuggles right into it. Plus it is woven and not knit, so it lays flat making it super thin. I've never felt this way about about a scarf :-).                                                                     
Oldies but goodies:
SSeko. A gal from a church I used to attend did an internship with this company. I've never made a purchase from them, but they do incredible work that allows young women to gain experience and financial support before they go to college. I have old lady feet so their sandals would never work for me, but I still dream of wearing them. Their wallets and totes on the other hand are drool worthy. Beautiful, handcrafted out of leather, they sell out super fast. So if you see one you love scoop it up! Scoop one up for me too, Puh-lease.
Apparent Project: Probably one of my favorites. I purchased several of their necklaces this year for special people, and pointed my husband towards their table with my oldest. {moms need gifts in their stockings too}.  My favorite detail with Apparent is that they attach a card with individual stories of the actual specific artisans who make each and every project. You know exactly who you are supporting and details of their life.  If we do ever get an adoption fundraiser going, their bracelets are HIGH on my list of ideas.
I had intended a bit more detail this week, but we've been dealing with so much. And then top top it off, this post got interrupted by what I call "bedtime butt." Some people refer to it as  chigger bites. Whatever it is- it ends with a certain small child making a huge scene for two hours after bedtime and a husband going to Walgreen's at 11:30 pm for benadryl cream. Because she is awesome though, Heather Hendrick happened to post about the fair trade fair and I decided to do what all lazy bloggers do- send you her way. At the bottom of the post she links to a huge list of fair trade shopping possibilities. Enjoy!

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