Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creative parenting {co-sleeping}

I have never been a proponent of co sleeping with your child. I think moms and dads need one sacred place of their own. A place children don't pester and prod and disrupt. I think children need to be confident in their own safe place. That being said i have found co-sleeping beneficial during certain episodes of sleeplessness such as during the nursing days to keep a colicky baby in my arms to catch a few extra zs. I often allowed my first born to take over daddy's side of the bed during his many many many trips away during those early years because I hated sleeping alone. Nightmares and storms happen and children need comfort sometimes. Lately though I have fought hard and long an endless battle with both of my littles. They lay down in their own beds fine to fall asleep, but by 5:00 my face is covered in arms and legs and twenty extra toes. Usually I am too exhausted to get up at that point so we stay in the mangled insect formation until the alarm goes off. The problem, which is not a problem, but it is... Is that my littles are absolute snuggle bugs. They prefer to be nowhere else than wrapped up in either parents arms. They are not too attached, they enjoy playing alone and with others... But if I'm still they are in my lap. So it hit me the other night as Balin was recovering from the flu and I found his bed undressed at bedtime because I had forgotten the laundry was not finished... Their bunk bed came equipped with a queen sized mattress. AND... These two snuggles bugs just so happen to have a partner in crime. So I did what came naturally after re-reading all the Little House books... I put them in bed TOGETHER. Perfect. Last night went fairly well. Sy came in like clockwork at 4:50, but Balin stayed in their bed. I overheard my sweet middle born telling his big brother this afternoon " guess what?! I get to snuggle Silas ALL NIGHT LONG!" Tonight I fully expected them to have caught on and rebelled, but there were no tears at bedtime {Silas usually gives us a good two minutes to prove he's still boss} Instead it just. Went. Quiet. When I checked on them... This is the sweetness I found. Co-sleeping snuggle buddy brothers. Who would have thunk it?!

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