Thursday, July 12, 2012


We escaped our life today for a whirlwind adventure. My sister, brother in love and their four kids came to tejas and we decided to meet up in San Antonio. We spent the day wandering the city and eating. Oh and we took a few fun pictures too. I'm looking forward to her sending me some better shots from her real camera, but I got a couple I love on my phone. After seeing the Alamo, walking the river and shopping El Mercado they daddies took the kids swimming and the mommies hiked to Starbucks. Perfect, sweet time alone with my sister. Such a rare and special grace in this life that has taken us across the country from one another for the last twelve years or so. I am loving seeing our kids so naturally fall in with one another. On our way to dinner both of the littles ( almost 2 and 3) fell asleep. I took this snapshot on my phone while walking behind the daddies carrying them in. Only later did I notice the cousin love happening in the background. Loved this day and the memories it made. Looking forward to tomorrow

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