Monday, July 2, 2012

The announcement... And no, not a baby


We got the news a few weeks ago, but needed to wait for Ayden to get home before going completely public with it. I could not be prouder to tell you that after seven years of marriage, five moves, two births, and a layoff .... Lucas was just promoted into a district management position with his company :). While this means some changes to his day to day work we are most excited that this position means we can look longer term. We can expect a five year stay in this position. Can I hear a woo-hoo?! Or maybe let's make that a whoop! Because we are moving.... Back to where we moved here from! College station, Texas. Otherwise known as Aggie land. We are broken hearted to leave the sweet sweet family we have here in Victoria. I turn into a sopping pile of what used to be Meme whenever I think too much about the goodbyes. But we know we serve a good God and his plan for us is best. This is a situation where we either take this transfer or suffer the consequences. We are happy to take it :). It feels great to not question the open door in front of us.

Our next steps involve waiting on HR to get their act together and then finding a place to rent. Again, trusting God to take care of the details. However things turn out we are expecting This to all happen by about August 20th. Hold on to your hats y'all!

Let's remember on of our favorite places... Free birds. Can't wait for the yummies.


  1. That's so wonderful, and I'm sure bitter sweet. May God continue to bless your family and guide you through the plans he has for yall. It was wonderful to meet and get to know you and Lucas and of course your amazing 3 boys. Hope to stay in touch. <3 Selena

  2. ok. I want to "like" on facebook, but i can't. :-) and you know why....i DO like////LOVE that you are getting the promotion......but my heart misses you all I will stick with I am going to come visit!

    but......not freebirds. HULLABALLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!.....wanna be with Balin in THAT place!!!! LOL!!!
    love you!

    1. To do list :
      Eat at hullabaloos with Leslie

  3. We're gonna miss you guys so much!!! But so happy for you getting to the place you guys have been working towards :) -heather g