Friday, July 13, 2012


Cow appreciation day that is. Chik-fil-a's annual give back to loyal customers who are willing to dress to like cows when they come in to eat. The reward? Free. Food. It costs us around 30$ to feed our entire crew dinner at chik fil a. So to do so for free, yup, totally worth it. The first year we participated was a tough year for us. Lucas had just been laid off. I had no job. There was no savings. We threw balin the best cheapest birthday ever and invited our friends to join us in costume. I made cow party hats and tails to ensure that our guests received the full prize. We had a blast and now enjoy cow appreciation day with tender memories of a blessed birthday.
Today we drove home from our trip and got in late afternoon. We have spent our money and eaten way too much so dinner at chik fil a sounded great. Lucas and I got wraps which are in the fridge should we ever actually get hungry tonight. The kids all got fruit with their meals and ran off some energy on the playground. Even Silas chose tonight of all nights to climb to the top of the playground all by himself. Such a fun, cheap, tradition. An compared to the queso we've eaten vats of this vacation... Not such a bad choice nutritionally. Note- they may eat broccoli three times a day this week.

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