Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simply:: {fixes}

Notice the major change to the blog today? What, you cant see it? Really? well of course you cant. The change is that I am typing on my laptop, curled up on my couch with my babies tucked into the couch watching a movie beside me. This, my friends, is my favorite place to blog... but for over a 18 months its been an impossibility. One day I was sitting on my laptop and it started beeping at me. Then it turned itself off. When it came back on it asked me for a password. Say what? A password. No idea where to go with that we asked around and no one seemed to have any ideas. Then Silas was born, we moved and my poor laptop found a home in the back of the closet, awaiting a rescuer. {Enter} our new church and the swarm of men who go there and also happen to work with computers for the local college. Not that we are opportunists or anything but my darling husband convinced one of them to give it a go and see if they could fix it. This same person had sent out a request for computers and parts recently so I figured he could try, realize it was hopeless and then use the parts for himself. I was hoping I would at least get my files and pictures out of the deal. Never did I expect to actually be able to use it again! So honestly, I'm a Little overwhelmed. There is so much I've wanted to blog about, but the thought of sitting at my horrible desktop that is super slow and frustrating was not appealing. I tried to blog from my phone and that was not happening.
     So we'll start here.. back with community fixing our needs. How many times has this happened before? We move and argue with God and seek our own community for  a year or so.. then we obey and voila. Community. It happened in Shreveport, and in  College Station and has happened again.We moved here, immediately searched for PCA churches,visited, and then immediately decided to go to the giant church instead. Why do I do this? Why do I think my methods of finding community are so much better than His? While I did make some friends, and learned that Beth Moore does have something to offer to even the reformed, we were not growing the roots necessary for spiritual growth nor were finding opportunity to serve. So back to the PCA and immediate community. We love this small body of eager believers. We love being able to ask for help, even for long lost laptops... and find it. I've been able to have ladies over for coffee,host a Christmas party and get to meet weekly with women more eager to search the word and encourage one another than to whine about circumstances and gossip about those who aren't there. We are finding fellowship as a family with other similarly aged families, and at the same time learning from older families and seeing opportunities to bless younger ones.  Loneliness, fixed. Spiritual plateau, by Gods Grace fixed. {Computer, fixed}.

Hows about a few photo gems that are no longer locked in the dark abyss of a broken laptop... Oh I've missed these!

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  1. my worry that you didn't get to be tucked in and given tea to relax: Fixed. :-) ;-)
    LOVE this post! AND....LOVE the pics! the "little" guys have GrOwN!! but the EXPRESSIONS are the same!