Thursday, January 26, 2012


All of my sweet boys have bonded to specific lovie objects. Our oldest claimed three fluffy blankets with satin edges when he was a toddler, our middle child claimed a lion shaped blanket and Silas adores his Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. I especially love Silas' blankets. His first Aden and Anais blanket was one of my first purchases I made for him. Being the third child he gets a lot of hand me downs, and I wanted to do at least some shopping to welcome this sweet child. I fell in love with this blanket. Who wouldnt love the little goldfish? Ultimately we have a very gluttonous collection of these blankets. At least 8. There. I confessed. BUT "Fishy Lovie" is by far the favorite. And the one he calls by name.
 Today we had to make make a run to Target for some anoying necesities. We, myself and two toddlers, had finished and unloaded back into the car. Still reeling from a very expensive prescription purchase and hauling two very heavy toddlers into their car seats I was done and ready to leave when I notice something missing. Fishy Lovie was not in the buggy or the car! Ack. I was not looking forward to searching the entire store, but alas, I loaded the boys back into a buggy tears and all and headed back in. Not more than a few hundred feet into the store a sweet pair of siblings from our church came around the corner. They suddenly began to glow like superheroes when I realized what they were carrying!! FISHY LOVIE! They saw him laying in the aisle and immediately recognized him as belonging to my sweet one. I'm not sure what was more tender to me, that they recognized my child's lovie or that God would ordain their feet at that specific time to be the ones to find it. You cant tell me God doesnt love these precious little ones. I know there is some debate in mommy world about attachment items. I personaly think they are wonderful, and I'm a stay at home mommy with healthy adjusted attached to the parents children.  I have happily allowed my children to bond to an item that they can have and hold as theirs alone. Comfort they can keep close. Some argue that we should teach them to trust Jesus first, that attachement items make children focus on stuff, but I disagree. Don't tell my Balin that his lion isnt real. It isnt a belonging, but a friend.
 I could feel the hand of God today, reaching down to stroke my cheek, touch my hair. Saying life can be hard baby, I love you, here's a hug, a piece of comfort for you to hold close today. As parents we get to be that comfort. We get to kiss our childrens temples and put them to sleep with a snuggle and often a friend. Today these friends from  church got to be that for us. Doing something as simple as rescuing a lost lovie from a certain dirty end, the Church exists to be the body of Christ. It doesnt have to be huge miracles or world changing events! God is glorified in acts as simple as bringing comfort to a one year old and changing his mommy's entire focus for the day! I went from frustration over the cost of medicine to joy over my baby's smile. Its that simple my friends. Joy. In a lovie.

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