Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simply:: adoption {Haas part 2}

When we arrived in Colroado this past Christmas I was not sure what to expect. It had been years since I had last visited and my friendships had gone a little quiet. There had been no falling outs or tough endings, just the silence that occurs when one moves accross the country.. and then moves again.. and then moves again...and then moves again.  We had arranged to stay a couple of nights with one of my college roommates and then planned a play date the next morning with another, and some other much missed friends. As my husband and I made the drive into Ft. collins I quickly became overwhelmed. Every street, every corner looked different... and yet every building seemed to hold memories tied directly into my heart. Good Bad and Ugly. Before I could stop it there were tears. And then we got there and there She was, my sweet friend. And there were more tears. To be reunited feels so good. Sometimes its a little painful too. Dawn and I  might be missing the day to day memories that friendships who dont have to battle a country wide gap do not, but I still know this girl. I know her because I know her heart for Jesus. I love knowing where she was, and seeing where she is now.
I remember when Matt first started coming around our house in college. He liked to bring his lawn mower over and take care of our yard, which happened to be just outside her window. I wont comment on the fact that he often did this while I was trying to nap. I watched him patiently pursue her, bringing flowers and making sweet gestures constantly. I remember his infectious laugh filling our girls house (where 5 of us lived for two years). I remember when I was in the hospital having Ayden that his family provided food for all of the crowd that had gathered to await my sweet ones birth. A family serving someone they had never even met. It was not always easy, but I remember in those early days watching Dawn seek the Lord as she waited for His answer to their love story.  I love getting to see where Matt has faithfully led Dawn. Their life has not been problem free. His job is weather dependent, and their second baby was born very premature, but through it all they have held on to each other and more importantly to the Cross. When we joined them in their home for a meal during our vacation, you could physically touch the love in their home. It was palpable, real, and joyful. The baby who comes home to them will be so loved. I can not wait to see how she completes their precious family. I am so excited to watch as God continues to weave their beautiful story.
Would you like to be a thread in that story?
 Starting tomorrow, March 1st I am happy to announce that I will be hosting an online fundraiser for Dawn and Matt and baby "Jessa". Jessa is a name God gave Dawn a while ago as she prays for her daughter. While I was there we looked up its meaning. Hebrew for God Sees. You can't make that up friends! God is watching this little girl and has always planned for her to be in their arms.
 Dawn has been working very dilligently on a My Thirty One home buisness. All of her income is going straight  towards bringing this baby home. Starting tomorrow I will be hosting an online party in which you can make purchases from the very cool  mythirtyone catalog and have a direct hand in bringing this child home. Adoption is expensive. No way around that. Did you know even a pivate american adoption can cost nearly $30,000?  Adoption takes money friends. No matter where the baby comes from. I only say this because I think there is a lot of misundersatanding out there that people think international adoption is somehow buying a baby. This is not the time to clarify that, but I wanted to be sure to tell you that this family is as honest as they get. They live in a home that Matt saved dilligently all through college to make a down payment on. They live simply and not extravegantly and are adopting because they feel called to do it, and desire to adopt.. not just get a baby by any means necessary. Dawn and Matt are pursing the adoption of a special needs child. This could mean a whole lot, or a whole little, but it means something. Their child will need specialized medical care when it comes home. Care that costs money. They still need to raise, save and earn nearly $15,000. They are open and honest and are happy to accept help. God will provide for this need as he has their entire marriage. He is El Roi, the God who Sees.  So here is where you come in. Starting tomorrow my party on Dawn's website will be open. All you do is shop. :-) Items start at 2$ for a nail file and go up from there. To sweeten the deal I AM HOSTING MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!  Tune in tomorrow for entry details. LETS GET SHOPPING!

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