Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've finally done it people. I kicked diet coke to the curb. It's been 9 days and I'm feeling great! I'm still getting headaches late afternoon but an extra cup of coffee and some ibuprofen fix that right up. I've given up the silver can for several reasons, but the main one is that I had started to feel like a slave to it. I HAD to have one several times a day and was annoying myself at how many I would drink without even really paying attention. So, gone. But as I mentioned I am drinking more coffee in its place. I'm down to my morning cup, or maybe two if I'm brewing a strong keurig roast and then one mid afternoon. I got to thinking about all the Splenda and "sugar free" creamer I add and realized what's the point of giving up one form of an addiction to just fill it elsewhere? So artificial sweeteners of all kinds are being phased out. I'll start with the creamer. I was perusing my local target this morning and found an adorable white stoneware milk bottle for under 6$. I immediately knew it had a future with my can of spray on chalkboard paint. It also came with a handy silicone cap so I can make my own creamer at home AND serve it in something super duper cute. The creamer recipe is a work in progress. I think I successfully made flavored half and half. I'm working on the calorie count which is 30 cals a tbl right now. I'll share that when I figure it out. My goal is to get yummyness at under 20 cals per cup of coffee. This could take a while ;-). In the meantime- go to target, buy a milk bottle- add a label and grin.

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