Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blueberry Festival 2011

I love traditions. I love having activities that we can look forward to every year that foster memories. I also love to eat, and love finding good deals. These combined make for one of my favorite weekends of the year. Blueberry fest! When we lived in Shreveport there were blueberry farms all over the place. We had one less than ten minutes from our house so we self picked berries several times during the summer. Now that we live in Mexico South Texas the closest we have found is about three hours away. Lucky for us it is only a few minutes from my parents. So this past Friday afternoon we packed up the car, loaded the kids and set off on our way to Conroe for the weekend. I was super excited when my parents decided to come with us to Mooreheads blueberry farm. In total we bought 25 pounds of berries between our two families. Most got bagged and frozen, but we did eat our faces full of the warm fresh juicy pieces of heaven. Here is our morning in photos.

he's my future heartbreaker

my little sister and Ayden

My parents and sister

Blueberry Family!

the men and the bounty

my beautiful Mama and my tuckered out babe

the parking lot.. there were so many people, but plenty of berries!

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