Monday, September 27, 2010


Heather sent me a Kaycee :-). Thanks Heather. Thanks Kaycee.   I'm working on this whole feeding thing. Its getting better and honestly only the latch on hurts, and only temporarily. Hoping to get past it soon!

Silas update: 10 days old   We are beginning to see the jaundice really start fading. His eyes are still really yellow though. I know he's getting past it because all of a sudden he is not so sleepy! Our sweet little sleep giver who was sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time now only cat naps. What does he do the rest of the time? Refer to my last post.  He is awfully cute though. We like him. I'm pretty sure I'll keep him :-).

I want to post his birth story, but havent had time to write it all down. I will soon though:-).

On the moving front: pray for us. We cant get out of our lease. We cant get a house where we are moving to until we get out of our lease here. We cant register Ayden until we get a new lease. We had found a house and were excited about it. Lucas took Balin on a six hour road trip to check it out, and then we find all this out. So pray for us. Because we are quickly losing our minds.

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  1. So glad you got some help! Keep gets a bit easier every day! and, of course, the milk helps with the jaundice issue, which is fabulous :) praying for a smooth transition into nursing..I think the first 3-6 weeks are the hardest!