Friday, September 10, 2010

38/or "the waiting game"

Today marks 38 weeks. At 39 I can be induced. Yee-haw. Actually I have an induction "scheduled" for the 20th. Meaning that on the 20th I will go in first thing and have a baby or not go in if too many women go into labor on their own. I'm also on the waiting list for a spot on the 16th. (The Dr wont be there the 17th or that would have been THE day. Baby is low and from my waddle I can tell he is only gettting lower. He barely moves these days and when he does... oh golly I better be sitting down. Ouch.
 If you are my friend on facebook then you've seen me be really whiny lately. I admit. I'm not good at waiting. I guess one could easily say patience is definitly one of my sin struggles. I want to know NOW. I want to make plans NOW. I want it happening NOW. (Remember my three month courtship and nine month engagement... would have been faster if I wasnt dead set on a New Years wedding!) Now wanting to avoid waiting does not in any way mean I'm a good planner. Nope. Actually I struggle with the opposite. I'm quite impulsive. All of this to say that waiting for a baby is no fun. I'm tired of poking his toes and would much rather kiss them.  I'm ready. His room is ready. His brothers are as ready as they will get, and as of this weekend my house is clean. So come on baby boy. Lets meet you!
In another realm of life, we are waiting to see what happens with Mr. Simply's job. We've been under difficult work conditions for almost a year now. He travels soooo much, although for the past two months that has been slowing down significantly. There are so many other factors but basically it comes down to wanting to work for a stronger company with better standards. He started pursuing jobs back in early spring and a couple of weeks ago had a strong interview. We got a call last night that the manager is interested! We are negotiating salary so that we dont go backwards, as we took a pay cut to move here in the first place. (well sorta, we were laid off so actually it was a giant raise.) If they can agree to that and get him approved with upper management we are in! And will be moving with a very young infant. And loosing insurance for a month. Blah. But theoretically we will be able to move Eagle to a better school (although we like his teacher this year) and have Daddy home more often. Plus we would be within a short 20-30 minute drive of the beach. So again... we wait. And I get to practice being patient, prayerfully seeking peace and trusting that God's got this. I'll go mop again. That Im in control of.

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