Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Snow

Last week was tough on me. Its amazing how grief will sneak up on you. I was missing so many people places and things, and fell into a pity party for myself. When we did not get the forcasted "major weather event" that I knew we would not get I was still very disapointed. I'm not really sure why. I miss Colorado sometimes somuch. I remember as a child after we moved to Texas missing the mountains and the snow.Its no different as an adult. I understand why I cant live there right now. I am grateful for my husbands job and the career path he is on and great schools, no income tax, low car insurance rates, cheaper living expenses... ect. Texas has its benefits, but this Colorado girl misses snow. There is something so magical about the changing of the seasons, something so healthy about heat turning into cold. Rain turning into snow. The silence of snow is one of my favorite sounds, and the way the air smells so crisp and fresh and new is my favorite smell. When I started CSU I quickly discovered the magic of snow and especially of first snow. It is something fairy tales are made of. And with that I imagined that like a princess something wonderful would happen if I could get a kiss on first snow. It didnt happen to my 18 year old self and still has not happened to my 28 year old self. Nope. Not even after four years of marriage. True I've only seen a real snow once in the past three years. So clearly my sweet husband is not to blame. I've been learning lately that life is so much better than a fairy tale if you will let it be. On Saturday Lucas was able to leave the job site for about 36 hours... enough time to come home and rest and play Christmas. Being unsure of how the timing would work out and knowing it was an absolute possibility that he would be gone past Christmas I was soo relieved to have him for even that short amount of time. Especially after my crummy emotional week. When he got home he had a little something for me....

He brought me first snow.

He brought me a kiss.

We spent the evening shivering in the low 30's at a local Christmas in the Park, with lights, caroling, brass players, hay rides and hot cocoa. It was magic. It was a first snow to always be remembered.

I love you Lucas.

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  1. i dont tend to care for the snow, but the way you describe it makes it sound so wonderful, so peaceful.. thank you...
    and that is seriously so sweet! what a great husband you have!!