Thursday, May 7, 2009

RIP Lion 2004-2009 (a tribute to a lost lovey)

It was simply a trip to the mall. Daddy needed new shoes. Mommy wanted a new spring dress.Lion waited patiently while we shopped, working hard to entertain and cuddle Balin who is never a fan of shopping. Little did we know tragedy would strike. Upon arrival back home Daddy noticed Lion was not inside. He was not under the beds or behind or the doors. He was not in the wagon or the dryer or on Balins bed. He was not in the car. Not in the trunk. Lion was gone. Whether a victim of kidnapping or simple abandonment, lion is presumed deceased. We will miss him terribly although cow, new lion and puppy have all stepped up to try to fill the void that now exists. We will miss you sweet lion with your dingy stained fur. Your nose with holes and your tail that was mere fuzz. Thank you sweet lion, you served us well.

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