Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Mondays..

So I've been following Mcmama for a while and this is one of the fun things I found on her blog. Following in her example here are a list of thing I most definitly certainly never did this past week...(except for the part where they really did happen).
I most certainly did not invite two of Aydens friends over for a movie night, but give them different nights to come. Not Me. I absolutely did not lose Balin's beloved Lion at the mall buying a dress I really don't need. Not me. I also did not eat half a jar of fudge topping over the past three days. Not me. And of course I did not sign up to host a beauticontrol party because I have a problem saying no to people and I felt guilty that I did not have the money to buy any product at her show. Not me. You get the idea... what did you not do this week?

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