Friday, February 6, 2009


We took a walk this morning around the neighborhood and A asked if we could go swimming. I don't blame him. It's over 70 degrees today! Glorious weather. We've opened all the windows and the babies are sleeping wonderfully. If only the cleaning crew would show up now! I hate cleaning. I think its the futileness of it. Epecially with two toddlers running around. (a reminder to new people: I have two children, and borrow another during the week while his mom teaches kindergarten. I teach babygarten). I swear they are on a mission to dislodge EVERY object in the house. Maybe I should pack up two thirds of everything. Yesterday B took his diaper off at some point. I didnt notice at first because he was wearing a one piece pants outfit so I thought it was just unbuttoned and well, it wasnt a priority to stop and button it. I walked into the office/school room to open a window and stepped in.... POOP. Wonderful. I'm glad he's so cute. Or he would have been in trouble.

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  1. Hope you disinfected your foot realy good! Yuck! Like the new background :)