Thursday, February 26, 2009

a lesson in gifting

I'm constantly trying to teach my five year old to be less selfish. "Share with your brother" let your friend sit down first" " let someone else pick the movie tonight." When it comes to money and tithing though it isn't a subject we discuss. He likes to put money into the offering plate, and occasionally asks for money to take to Sunday school. Since Christmas Ayden has been saving money in an automatic change counting piggy bank that I got him for Christmas. You slip a coin in through the slot on top and it keeps count. He now officially has more than $11.00. With loosing his tooth that made $12 since apparently the going rate for teeth is $1 around here. He was so proud of that tooth fairy dollar. He carried it around and showed everyone. He kept it close and was so careful not to loose it. On Sunday when we were on our way to church I said "wanna put some money in the offering plate today?" He took his tooth fairy money from the counter and said "YES!" He then carried it along with his Bible and refused to put it in his pocket. When the offering plate came around he joyfully tossed it in. Now I know you are expecting the "wait, i want my dollar back!" But here's the lesson... and it wasn't for Ayden. He never. mentioned. it. again. Not once. That dollar that had meant so much to him was given to his God without complaint. Without doubt and without question. He gave with a willing heart. I wonder where my willing heart disappeared to. I question My tooth fairy dollars that I cling to so tightly. What if I gave so willingly?

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