Tuesday, February 17, 2009

teeth, and toddler beds

The tooth came out tonight. Fairly simply. We've been wiggling it for days and I finished the job this evening.No floss required. He has a second one right next to it we can start work on tomorrow. :-). I think it hurt a bit more than Ayden was expecting though so I may try to be more patient with this one... although I also think he was surprised by the bleeding. He didn't like that part. Maybe the tooth fairy will make it feel better. Now I understand why the tooth fairy was invented! I'll post pictures tomorrow of the "tooth pillow" we made so the fairy can find it and so monies wont get lost in Ayden's nest of a bed.

Balin is doing excelent in his big boy bed. I'm sure by the end of the summer we will be ready for a bunk bed! YAY! We packed the crib up and everything. Tonight he got tired and gave everyone hugs and went and climbed up in bed all by himself. Amazing. I really am grateful for how easy this has been! Even if it is hard to see my boys growing up so fast.

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