Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It is amazing what your children will tell you if only you listen. Ayden has been having a REALLY hard time lately. School has been tough, I've been keeping kids and he has been throwing tantrums. Last night, during his bedtime tantrum, he blurted out that the babies get their way when they throw fits. Ah ha. So obvious and yet in my self pity of having to actually parent I missed the simple fact that he is simply mimcking the smaller kids behavior. AND I keep two adorable, but fussy kids. The baby we keep is precious, but he does cry easily. Balin is extremely demanding. LOUD and demanding. The two year old also is very vocal about what she wants and since she typically goes home in the afternoons soon after Ayden gets there I tend to give in to her just to keep the peace. Why am I surprised that Ayden has reverted to kicking and screaming in the floor when he doesn't get his way?? This morning he came into the work room where I have a tutu set up ready to be photographed later. He said "This is your job, you make tutus! You don't have to babysit." My poor baby. How do you explain to a five year old that you have to babysit or do any job? I guess finally knowing exactly what it is that is bothering him is a good place to start.

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