Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged

Blame it all on Lizzie

1. I have a very different self online than I do in person. Online I am easy to talk to and willing to tell you anything. In person I might just not speak at all.

2. I love curry. Spicy spicy yellow American pre mixed curry. On just about anything.

3. I met my husband on a trip to Italy with choir. (I know, you know that already). Even though I was in the midst of a tragic breakup I told my roommate on the trip that I would marry Lucas. Who was the roommate of the person I was attempting to break up with.

4. I told off my English teacher in my 10thgrade paper because she gave such pointed preference to the sports oriented students. I believe it started with "In Mrs. BLahs class I learned that I should have been an athlete so I wouldnt have to read novels in my 10th grade English class."

5. My favorite job was being a bookseller at Barnes and Noble. It was only for a summer. During those three months I fell in love with a four year old boy named Adam who was a "regular." He read lift the flap books and I still can't read them without thinking of him and his way too adorable British accent.

6. I would be a perpetual student if I did not have to turn in papers or pay for classes. I miss listening to professors, especially those with tenure, openly share their passions. I learned so much from my profs who just shared instead of filling syllabi with nonsense. Like my 20th century lit prof who went on for more than 20 minutes about Madeleines and Proust- Or my Shakespeare prof who taught me the meaning of the word "tragedy" the week of 911- or my African history instructor whos classes I ONLY attended to listen to him speak.

7. I hate email frwds and chain letters. This is nearly the same thing. I feel dirty.

Okay, I tag Becky,and Brie

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  1. HA! You may be the only one of 3 to answer this, but you HAVE to because you are my sister. : )