Friday, October 17, 2008

Life moves on

9 years ago I graduated from high school and left Texas for Colorado. I left behind seven years of friendship, roots in a great church, big hair, makeup, fifteen pounds, changing clothes for dinner. I gained roomates, freedom, academics, snow, aspen leaves in fall, a gym membership, "mountaintop" church experiences EVERY WEEK and, eventually, a baby boy. 5 and a half years ago when he was born I had no idea where I would go or what would happen. During that last year, pregnant and scared the first person I turned to, the first person I literally took the pregnancy test to was Dawn, who was also my first college roomate and nothing short of a gift from God. She was constant encouragement and love. Sweet, innocent, annoyingly neat she challenged me to be a better me. A more open, more organized, more God following me. She was there for the birth of Ayden and the first two tiny weeks of crying and late nights. Yesterday, 9 years after we first met she gave birth to her second little boy. Baby Jayden joined his brother Ashton about six weeks early. He is doing great and I couldnt be happier for my sweet friend whom I miss so very very much. Thank you for being a part of my story Dawn. Thank you for being a part of Ayden's. I know physically I cant be there for your family, but my prayers are before the throne for you today. Someday we will share in it all again! Together!

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