Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Balins first ten months

I found this remix function on photobucket and decided to try it out. The options are fairly limited, but easy to use. the music is provided by an independednt music source, so again limited. I thought this song was sweet though and captured the joy of my summer baby! Enjoy!


  1. wow, he is walking very well. Isaac took 3 steps yesterday, I am very proud of him. I am glad to see that Isaac isn't the only one trying to put everything in his mouth. It is adorable, but often a bit dangerous. I am awaiting the final version.


  2. It is really great to have something like this put together. It helps me during those times i'm so far from home!! It truly makes me feel like a lucky daddy.

  3. Loved watching this Em. He's soooo cute!!!