Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adoption blogging

Today I recieved this awesome surprise in the mail. My dear friend Becky had warned me something great was coming and my mind immediately jumped to baby anouncements. No shes not preggo. Lucas then suggested maybe she was sending an adoption fundraiser letter. That would be great too, but no. Instead it was this awesome bag! I pulled it it out and thought, really cute bag. Look it has Africa on it! Then I read her card. A family in Iowa that she had run across while reading adoption blogs was selling these as a fundraiser. Usually they have a heart on the Africa where Sierra Leone is, the home of their beautiful twins who are awaiting their homecoming. She had them put the heart on mine over Tanzania. So special, so sweet. I went online to look at their blog and have spent as much of my free time tonight reading it as possible! They call it The Intersection. The blog itself is beautifully done and the mothers writing about her children is poignant and humerous. They are in a very difficult moment awaiting word on their travel visas, the final step to go claim their children and bring them home. Please join with me and pray for Gods swift hand!


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