Sunday, May 18, 2008

teething, mno and spiderman

So the tooth turned into a not so much fun experience. Ayden was always cranky when teething, but Balin has a way of yelling at you that can be quite unnerving. Fortunately the tooth is gettting a good way out and not bothering him so much. Hopefully the next one will not be bad so bad! We had a really great weekend. Lucas will be home for eight days over the next month, and will have to be working in the field as much as he can over those days. So we took this weekend for some family time. Friday night I got to go out with the moms group I joined. We went to a paint your opwn pottery place and had yummy food and conversation. Saturday we slept in (yay) and then went to the boardwalk. We kept grummpy tooth baby awake all morning and took Ayden to an early showing of Prince Caspian. Balin fell asleep as planned and we all enjoyed the movie! Ayden has been listening to the Narnia series on cd for his rest times, so he was looking forward to the movie. Then we had dinner at IHOP and walked around enjoying the cool weather while it lasts! Most of our other freetime was spent playing on the Wii which we normally don't do much of. Ayden is aparently quite good at it and he and his Daddy mkust have beat some important level because the first thing Ayden said to me when we woke up on Saturday was "WE BEAT RHINO!" Great! :-). It's a victory. Oh and on Friday afternoon I got plants! I've been frustrated not having a backyard or nice home decor so we bought houseplants! Now the living room smells like potting soil instead of poopy diaper! (I promise its a step up). Anyway, now I have something green to try to keep alive. We'll see how that goes.

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