Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Return to blogging, return to me

I stopped blogging a while ago because I decided no one really read this and no one was benefiting or interested in what I was saying. I'm not a politicians wife, or a mother of a special needs child. I'm not an avid photographer or artist. I don't know whos "hip" with music these days. I don't pay much attention to politics or pop culture. And then I realized. I did not blog for others just as I never journaled for others, nor wrote poetry or music for others. This is for me. My place to tell you that my children are beautiful, my life is blessed and my belly fat. I can discuss the way Hawthorne affected society or the poor result of beating madelein dough for too long. I know where Texas big hair went... maybe I'll tell you about that too if you stick around long enough. So if you want, leave me a note. Let me know you read this and I'll start finding my way back to the girl who's writing was once called "quirky." Maybe I'll just find my way back to writing. Maybe I'll just find.


    I check this and "Yellowstone Circle" everyday. I'm so excited to hear that you want to start blogging more. Just know that I'll be checking in on ya!

    By the way -- how's the "no diet coke" going?

  2. Stumbled upon your blog I felt the same way no one reading my blog either i will take your advise just blog for myself : )