Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lousiana, first impressions

We have now been living in this new territory for over a month. So far I have noticed a strange but distinct contradiction. The people here are the nicest and kindest I have ever met, except when they are not. Huh? Take driving for instance. One car will be carefully driving five miles BELOW the speed limit in the right hand lane while car number two zips and zooms around them. I have been invited to church while standing in the grocery store line and (this really happened)watched an elderly gentleman call another elderly gentleman a red neck (in a very non humerous way) while waiting in line at the deli counter. For the most part people are very friendly. My current theory is that people become their weather's personality. Think about it... People in California are laid back, calm, with the occasional violent earthquake like moment. (As seen with political "causes".) People in New York are Cold and hurried, but stable and predictable, productive. Texas goes big and windy, with a frequent disregard for the outcome of actions. Northern Lousianians are as unpredictable as their weather. Today is beautiful and sunny, around eighty degrees. Friendly, hospitable, lets go meet the neighbors weather. Last Friday was below forty and it snowed all day.... Now I know my husband is the scientist, but I think I may be on to something here.

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