Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This easter was Balins first, and lets just say it was imperfect. We arrived home from our trip just before midnight the night before and got the kids and ourselves to bed. Balin had had several blow out diapers the day before, one very special one at the aiport resulting in his stroller getting wrapped up in a trash bag. We woke up and started to get ready for church. I had outfits picked out, but we wore them to the wedding so I put the boys in Hawaiian button down shirts and called it good. Within an hour Balin had allready had two VERY runny stinky diapers and was acting very cranky and sleepy so the decision was made to send Lucas and Ayden to church and I would stay home with Stinky Pants. That afternoon I was extra sleepy, which I figured was due to our trip, but by bedtime I was sick and stayed sick until yesterday afternoon. Balin started throwing up bottles and by dinner Ayden had joined our party. Today we are all feeling better. Today should have been Easter. We certainly feel resurected.

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  1. Sorry Meme-that is NO FUN!!! I hope you are feeling better!