Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vacationing with three kids, losing your mind, and still wishing it was more. Aka the loony diaries

We are in the middle of a super fun family vay-cay. The hubs grew up in Saint Paul Minnesota, and most of his family is still there enjoying snowy winters and caribou coffee. Since airplane tickets are crazy too expensive for us we drive the pilgrimage when we can. Last year our drive to Hershey PA taught us that enjoying the drive is key. So we leave super super early in the morning and reach a mid point destination where we usually spend a day or two. This year, thanks to hotels.com we booked the cheapest room at Great Wolf lodge in Kansas City. I'll write up an entire review of Great a wolf because it was fantastic, but not for the reasons I expected. What I did want to post today is that the kids have been classic children travelers today. "What city are we in?!" "When will we get there" "he's rubbing his warts on me!" "Stop whispering!" "Don't color on MY dinosaur!"     It never ends y'all. Well, that's not completely true. It ends when a movie is on or when finally 30 minutes from our destination the baby fell asleep. But as hard as parenting three very different children can be, there were several moments when I felt HER missing. -Standing in the splash zone area of the water park and watching a daddy snuggle his damp haired 8 month old. -passing the salon where mamas can take their daughters for banana split scented pedicures  -or even just bathroom breaks when I'm left alone. Don't get me wrong, one of the best parts of being a boy mom is that I can just wave as they all stumble about into the gross gas station. But I miss her. It's weird I guess but I do. I want her here with me. I also have a strong feeling of DO EVERYTHING because next time it might be an entirely different trip. This is definitely an adventure worth taking. I just hope the next one is a little more pink. 

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