Monday, June 23, 2014

For the pharmacy dude who made my day... Or things you should say to moms of many

I switched pharmacies today. The thought of this process was enough to make me almost not, but after having some pills literally crack open in the medicine cabinet we realized that maybe we needed to make a change. Every single drop off had some kind of issue and we were constantly spending way too much time trying to figure out what had gone wrong with our prescriptions. Once they even lost a prescription for about six hours. For a major controlled substance. So I braced myself late this afternoon, gathered up three VBS tired kids and bribed them with fresh tortillas so we could head to Giant Grocery Store. I drove there once only to remember my insurance card was at home. So after the second drive we finally get to the counter. The friendly pharmacy tech took my prescription, and then I remembered the insurance card was still in the car... (Because one forgetting is not enough). I wrestle the kids back to the car, and try to keep them from being distracted by cotton candy and movies at the door to No avail. Awesome pharmacy tech has my info up on his computer and plugs in my card right away and then ever so gently asks me if I might possibly have a prescription card as well. But of course I don't. Well I do, but it's who knows where because I've been using crapola pharmacy for a year. He then tries a few other methods, all while my three monkeys take their turns poking me and wrestling and making sounds they only make when I'm face to face with another adult. I mention that it was a doomed trip from the get go and He then catches on that I'm switching pharmacies and gets super excited and tells me "oh! I can call them! I can get this done!" I then tell him we used crapola pharmacy at uh-oh address and he sighs and purses his lips and says, well- I can try. We then agree that crapola pharmacy is super awesome and do really super awesome work so if he can really try this would be great.  Because I would rather go cut my preschoolers toe nails than call them ever again. He asks for 20 minutes so the boys and I went for the tortillas. When I get back he hurries to finish another project he's on and gives me the good news that every thing magically works, my prescriptions were cheaper than my groceries and that he just has to get final approval, file paperwork and they were all mine. He chats a bit about how he has to be able to multi task with his job and nods at the kids and says "I bet you know something about that".  Maybe it was the ferral  tearing open packages of dried mangos while I tried to keep a three year old from climbing over the counter into the pharmacy that gave it away. Or maybe the waving at a friend while I attempted to prevent a six year old from opening chocolate. Who knows. Whatever it was he saw my NEED for a happy pharmacy experience and that guy made. It. Happen. Like we were on a team and that pass was so perfectly executed it will be replayed on mega mom tron for at least a week. He even sent me off with the comment, "see, not a doomed trip after all !"  Sometimes blessings are big, but kindness from a stranger- and not the weird I paid for your coffee stranger-  but kindness that digs in to the moment can be a blessing unmatched. Doing your job the best you can with a positive attitude so that others who need you to do your job well can go on and do theirs. Thank you Awesome Pharmacy Tech. You won my my day. 

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  1. Has to be HEBtowerpoint in the "good job" category and CVS in the "awfulness" category