Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today I bring you my dirt.

Today I vacuumed my house. This ordinary, regular chore was unique today due to the fact that since we moved into our new house I've been cleaning with a broken vacuum. The broken vacuum has been a reliable companion for over five years, but completely kicked the bucket during our move. Last weekend my wonderful Mister bought me the new version of my old friend. This one is lighter and smaller but seems to be quite strong. We made our first official covering of the entire carpeted area of our home, four bedrooms an a rug. I was shocked at how much was being picked up so I immediately thought " gee, let's take a picture and show it to everyone." NOPE, but a truth did sink through and THAT I had to share, even if to do so means you are literally going to see my dirt.

God has asked me to learn to pray. I know this not from some great revelation, but from circumstance after circumstance in which I find myself discussing, reading about, or teaching others to pray. I used to be a pray-er. It once was not difficult, but somewhere along the line prayer became a when I can't handle life solution instead of my first thought each day. It struck me this morning that my prayer life is much like a vacuum. Regular use keeps the carpet clean and my family healthy, but when broken or set aside for even a short time the dirt builds up in unfathomable ways. When I stop praying or only pray when my broken human heart deems it necessary the dirt in my life starts to build up. I also noticed that most of what came up today had previously been hidden. I had no idea what was lurking in the floor- right under my feet! The solution is so simple! Just get a new vacuum. Joyfully, prayer {even the top shelf model} is as free as your time. Just a few minutes to get started and that dirt starts to come right up. Even if it takes a little effort and a few extra trips to the trash bin, freshness and renewal are right there waiting! How's your dirt today?

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