Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Simply Home {room for supers}

We are in! We have all our belongings in our new home and I am head first into the boxes. My goal when we move anywhere is to get the kids rooms situated as quickly as possible. They need their stuff where they can find it so the transition is as smooth as possible. New houses are confusing enough without their rooms feeling unfamiliar. ( Sy woke up and got lost the first two nights we were here. Nothing like finding your baby bawling in the kitchen in the dark at two in the morning.) This morning I got the final picture hung in the littles room and it is finished! This is my favorite room I've ever done and am so happy with how it turned out!

Paint: Behr brand Cumberland Fog
Curtains: eclips kids thermal panels that I sewed and extra piece on.
Bedding: pottery barn Batman and Captain America sheets. Flannel quick quilts by Meme Simply.

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