Monday, August 20, 2012


Today was a much better day. Woke up before 7 with the littles in my bed. Made them waffles, which they did not eat, and then the boys and I came up with some chores they can help with. It seems like a work in progress but the general idea is they earn screen time by doing jobs written on cloths pins I have clipped to a jar. When they do a job they drop their pin in. Ayden wants to trade screen time for money. We will see... After that we ran errands and found a park where we played in the shade and DID NOT get sweaty. It was a minor miracle. Hooray for low(er) humidity. This afternoon I made curtains out of table cloths. Easy peasy. Cut them in half and then seal the raw edge with a heat-n-bond strip to make a hem. They come the same length as window panels so thats not an issue. Then just hang with curtain clips. It still took all afternoon but it's done and the room feels more complete. Thanks for the encouragement yesterday :) it helped.

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