Sunday, June 17, 2012

I heart Adoption

It is no secret around here. I LOVE ADOPTION. I love {even more} families that adopt. Maybe it has something to do with the fact tha at this point we have not mustered the faith to take the steps to start one. I admire and esteem to be like the many many mnay families we love that have opened their hearts, wallets, and homes to bring a child into their family that was birthed somewhere else. Their willingness to be Jesus at such a beautiful cost. We have a newish family in our midst that falls into this category. We met them a year ago when we started going to our church and fall more in love with them all the time. Their sweet baby boy that they already have has stolen my heart and I can not wait to see who God selects to be their next child from ETHIOPIA. As my heart already belongs to one precious Ethiopian American baby boy, I am even more excited! So I ask you to take a moment and go visit Jeremy and Heather at their blog. Poke around, learn their story and buy some coffee. Lets pray another baby home in the life unfabled. A lost orphaned child finding  a home in a castle or marrying a prince is a constant undercurrent in the land of fables and fairy tales. We get to make this happen in the life unfabled. It may not be castles and princes, but it is a castle of love and warriors as parents who serve the mightiest King. To Him be the honor and glory... forever.

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