Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shutterfly-oh my!

So fellow bloggers there is an awesome deal right now! Go HERE (Thanks Kristin!) and sign up to recieve 50 FREE christmas photo cards from! I'm super excited about this because buying cards was out of our budget this year and making cards simply beyond my time allowance right now. I can barely make dinner with a still so new baby around the house. Thanks to my sister I have some great pictures from Thanksgiving of all of my boys. I have uploaded tons of them and have lots of  ideas on which card I'm going to use and why. First I looked at this one. I love the bright colors. Plus its a stationary card, so its a bit nicer than the more simple photo cards. On the other hand though the photo cards are a little less expensive and easier to mail. They are all still so cute. My favorite though are the folded greeting cards. The options are endless and I have been  arranging (and rearanging them) right there on screen over and over and over. You can know exactly how they will turn out which is so great for a visual person like myself.  Plus many of the cards allow you to change the layout of the pre set designs, enabling you to create a custom card! I'm making ours a Christmas card/ baby announcement :-). Did I just ruin a surprise? I LOVE the card I have selected and can not wait to start sending them out. I have so many photos uploaded and cant decide which to use so I may end up making a calendar too!  Shutterfly will even mail them for you should you want that!

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  1. HOORAY for free cards!! they were out of our budget this year too...but not anymore! Told ya it made my day :)