Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Settling in

We took a big step this weekend and started visiting churches. I was given some great advice many years ago not to church shop, but to pick somewhere and plug in and serve. Church is about the body and how we can can serve the Gospel, not about what church does for us. It isnt the ammenities, its the needs you can fill. So we went to the local PCA church first. Because we KNOW any PCA church has great accountability and solid foundations in reformed, acurate, biblical practice. Everyone was kind. The service is at a great time. The pastor was genuine. I felt some of my old sinful desires creeping in though.... music is at a minimum in most PCA churches. Its about the gospel, not the show. But I have a huge heart for musical worship. So we'll see. I loved the diversity though. Its a tiny church, but there were people off all ages from great grammas to teens. There was only a handful of kids, but again its quality not quantity right? Ayden loved it. We were invited to Thanksgiving dinner with the church on Sunday. We may or may not go. Again.. we'll see :-). I am officially unpacked. I even have most of my pictures hung. I'm sure I will be shifting and adjusting until we move out again, but for now I'm plased:-). We aer still praying for friends.. for all of us! Balin keeps asking to see his sweet friend K. He needs a buddy soon! And I need someone to come sip coffee in my awesome sitting room!

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