Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Somebody turned two months old today! Time is as always flying by and this little one is getting less little every day. There are times.. like 2:27 am that I'm grateful for that and times like this afternoon rocking him to sleep and smelling his sweet hair on my cheek that I wish I could freeze time itself. He is growing well, and will go in on Friday for his well check and immunizations. I'm very pro shots, but that's a whole 'nother blog. I'm so grateful to live in a country where we have access to shots that prevent our babies from suffering from horrible disease that many children in this world have to suffer from. I'm thankful our grandparents and most of our parents were wise enough to take the gift and wipe out (for the most part) a host of disease that our children no longer have to suffer from. That's it for now. Don't get me started on the pertussis outbreaks... Anyway. My sweet baby will get his first shots on Friday. He can roll from his tummy to his back, but its usually because he is really ticked off at me. I haven't seen him do it happy yet. He rarely lets me put him down when he isn't sleeping. He prefers my bedroom to all others. Lay him on my bed and its all smiles. Especially with his daddy. But its all smiles with Daddy most of the time anyway. Unless he wants food and then he cries this pitiful "ma-ma" cry. We are still co-sleeping, but most nights he starts in the bassinet and moves in with me after he wakes up to eat. Working on that. I'm trying not to complain about Lucas being gone the last ten days, and frankly, co-sleeping is the only way I've survived this move and his new job. He is huge, and I cant wait to see what he weighs! Breast feeding is going well and I guess my supply is well established, but I am taking 8 capsules of fenugreek everyday to keep that going. If I take any less i run out of milk. I've also had to give up ALL caffeine. Something I didn't even do pregnant. Its been a challenge, but having a happy baby makes it worth it. I have discovered that chik-fil-a serves decaf diet coke! woo-hoo! One of those every few days and decaf coffee in the morning trick my brain into remembering the caffeine high and we are surviving:-). I love my little puddin' head. He's a snugly ball of goodness. Here's pictures to prove it.

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