Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 11

Here are some late pictures from the snow day we had a couple of weeks ago. The boys loved it.
The medicine I've been put on for morning sickness is really helping with the nausea, and as a side effect has taken away all of my heartburn too!The only problem is that it makes me really sleepy... like nyquil sleepy when I take it in the morning. Imay be asking to try soomething new when I go back in on the 23rd. I have a new friend who has been posting pictures of her "bump" and the corresponding fruit/vegetable that matches the size of the baby. My bump is def. there, but after two other babies not so exciting to show:-). I'll save those for later. The baby is about the size of a plum now though which is quite exciting. We are gearing up for a little mini vacation this weekend. Aydenw ill be spending spring break with his Colorado parents in Arizona! they are coming to Fredericksburg for a wedding and so we are going to meet them Saturday morning with our bundle, drop him off and then spend the day exploring the area before heading to Bastrop to spend the night. Why Bastrop? because its not here! Actually Lucas drives through it all the time when he goes to work in Laredo and says it is beautiful and I will love it. I will love sleeping in a hotel and not having to prepare/clean up meals for an entire 24 hours. We found a girl (and her mom) who is 12 who will be dog sitting for us. she is raising money for church camp, so we are happy to help sponsor her!

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