Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yesterday we went to our weekly after school play date at a friends house. They found a lizard. (Last week it was a pink and brown catapillar). Aydens friend was given a jar and they took their new friend "Tim" inside to play.
When it was time to go we found our friend with a frantic look on his face and his arm reaching into the couch. The lizard was no where to be found. I took our cue and gathered children carrying balin to the car. We drove home in heavy traffic and stopped for gas where we had to wait in line. 30 minutes later we finally got home. Lucas was sitting on the couch so I joined him and was telling him about the lizard lost in the couch. Balin was standing in front of me and raised his arm up. That's when I saw it. I really really wanted it to be a string. Carefully I started to lift his shirt to pull the string off. But couldn't out of fear and knowing.  I fled. Lucas looked a little closer and immediately took balin to the front porch. Gently pulling his shirt off he revealed in full reptile glory Tim. Safe and sound. A stowaway in the armpit of a two year old. Balin took a moment to process and then realized there was a lizard in his shirt. At this point he started screaming "I don't like it!"and tried to tear the front door down to get back inside. I found him in his room demanding a new shirt. Eventually he calmed down and we all went to free kids night at the local burrito place to chill. Because that's what you do when lizards take a ride on your baby. You chill.

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